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Real Iced-Tea Duo Value Pack

Pure pleasure in a drink! Real healthy iced-tea ready to brew in water!

21.90 17.90

Stay hydrated healthily with great taste this Summer! Enjoy this duo value pack at a great price! 2 Packs contain 12 pouches in ready to brew sachets. Each sachet produces 1.2 Litres of iced-tea! Makes a total of 14.4 Litres of fresh iced-tea!

Enjoy the real thing with no added sugar, no preservatives at only 1.24€ per brewed 1.2Ltr ( water not included). Simply place overnight in a pitcher of room temperature water – place in refrigerator.  Awake to find an infusion rich in flavour and aroma.

Choose from Delightfully Oolong Fruity Iced Tea and or Berry Burst – you can mix the 2.

Our Delightfully Fruity Oolong is the real deal. Oolong tea is famous for multiple infusions and for slow cold brews. They release their flavour gradually in cold temperatures and can be brewed up to 4 to 5 times in hot water, giving the same flavour result! This makes them perfect for slow brew iced-tea! Add fresh summer fruits for extra sweetness.

Berry Burst – Taste the natural sweetness of summer berries and hibiscus flowers in this summery natural treat! Add fresh mint for that extra local flavour!


Brewed using only real tea and fruit with no added sugar or artificial flavours.
Simply place the sachet in a 1.2 Ltr pitcher of room temperature water and leave overnight in the fridge to brew. Add fresh fruit or mint and ice and enjoy!

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Weight 200 g
Steeping & Brewing :

Simply place overnight in a 1.5 Litre pitcher of cold water. Awake to find a tea rich in flavour and aroma! For quicker preparation, steep in hot water for five minutes and add ice. Add fresh fruit or a lime wedge for one serious treat!

Steeps :

Each Packet contains 6 small pouches. Each Pouch produces 1.2 litre of iced tea.

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine Free

Ingredients :

Oolong Tea (85%), Apple pieces, Apricots pieces, Marigold Flowers, Peach Flavour (5%).
Origin: USA, Provenance: Taiwan

Berry Burst ( Decaf)
Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Cranberry Pieces (25%), Blueberry Pieces (5%), Forest Berries Flavour (5%).
Origin & Provenance: USA


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