• Loose Leaf Tea, Herbal Infusions & Iced Teas

    Loose Leaf Tea, Herbal Infusions & Iced Teas (86)

    This is where your love for tea will go to another level! Explore over 70 Artisan loose leaf teas and herbal infusions from different regions across the globe. Available in our designer-tube, zipper pouches or tea sacks.

  • Il-Kikkri tal-Benessri - Wellbeing Collection

    Il-Kikkri tal-Benessri - Wellbeing Collection (8)

    Tettiera has created a collection of herbal infusions specifically blended to support your daily wellbeing. Enjoy a tisane that will calm your mind, nurture your body and sooth your soul. Hand-packed in tea sacks.

  • Gift Packs & Boxes

    Gift Packs & Boxes (41)

    Tea Lovers and those with a fine eye for fancy and pretty things would always appreciated a thoughtfully chosen gift box from our collection of luxury gift boxes.

  • Sparkling Tea

    Sparkling Tea (9)

    Discover the bubbly wonder of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea available in 0% alcohol and low 5% alcohol. Imagine a sparkling wine boasting with incredible flavour of tea and botanicals. It’s Tea but not as you know it.

  • Lavoratti Chocolate

    Lavoratti Chocolate (18)

    Lavoratti 1938 - Mediterranean Chocolate
    The “Ditta Lavoratti” company was established in Varazze, on the western coast of Liguria in Italy, in 1938. This chocolate is one of the the best in the world with art and passion at the heart of their creations.
    The Cocoa is selected from the Hacienda San José in Ecuador, whose legacy started in Los Ríos in the 30’s. A passionate indulgence in every crunch.
  • La Sablésienne Biscuiterie

    La Sablésienne Biscuiterie (20)

    La Sablésienne Biscuiterie was created for the lovers of mouth-watering French delicacies, made in traditional ways by the pastry chefs using beautiful decorative boxes. The famous Sablé biscuit is made with pure fresh butter, in Pays de la Loire since the 17th century. It will delight all fine gourmets!

  • Confiture Parisienne

    Confiture Parisienne (10)

    The French capital’s artisanal jammakers transformed the season’s harvest, such as strawberries from Bastille and pears from Châtelet, into pure fruit delicacies. Discover sensational jams and savoury jams like no other!

  • Herbs & Spices

    Herbs & Spices (31)

    Flourish your kitchen with the finest herbs and spices and add flavour & colour to your dishes everyday!

  • Tea Sacks - Home & B2B Office

    Tea Sacks - Home & B2B Office (41)

    Do you prefer tea bags? You’re sorted in a wonderful eco way. We have eco-friendly, hand-packed filter tea sacks of all our whole leaf teas and herbal infusions for your home and office.

  • Artisan Panettone, Tea Infused Biscuits & Raw Pralines

    Artisan Panettone, Tea Infused Biscuits & Raw Pralines (6)

    Explore our artisan Panettone, speciality wholesome biscuits infused with tea , our tea & cacao raw pralines ( Allergen Free & Gluten free)

  • Event & Wedding Favours

    Event & Wedding Favours (8)

    Getting married? Discover our cute tea, spice and flower petal favours for your big day with custom tags and ribbons.

  • Accessories & More

    Accessories & More (83)

    Infusers, strainers, cups, mugs, jugs and teapots! All the teaware you need for your daily tea ritual and more!