Rediscovering the tea ritual

A personal journey of self-care and intention

Rediscover and connect with one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, the Camellia Sinensis. Discovered over 2000 years ago in China, tea and its rituals have always been a major part of life in China, India and neighbouring countries. Every culture has its own way when it comes to teatime with the British leading the way in Europe with their charmful and appealing afternoon tea ceremonies.

Wherever you are from and however you like your tea, the ritual of sitting and sipping the most delicious teas brewed with love and intention teems with self-care. In every culture, having tea somehow evolves into a ritual re-enactment of unity. A subtle and beautiful way to engage in the present moment. Creating a balance with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A daily reminder that life can slow down if we are open to it. A ceremony about creating space and time to connect with each other, with oneself and with nature. This practice teaches us patience, gratitude and appreciation.

Whether you’re sipping tea with friends and family or just by yourself and an overcast morning, each sip will help lighten your heart, rest your mind, nourish your body and calm your soul.

Do you wake up in the morning rushing to clear your checklist for the day? Our mornings are so hectic, we fail to be grateful for a fresh day and a new beginning. A morning tea could be a beautiful mindful exercise. So for 3 minutes, sit in silence and clear your mind (don’t check your emails!), whilst the leaves come back to life. Make them your 3 minutes. If you have children – wake up before they do! We promise you, creating a morning tea habit with your favourite mug and concoction will set your day straight. Let tea help you slow down and find a natural rhythm to life.

Slow down and put some oolong in your teapot. Start and end your day with a cup of tea. Respectfully prepared.

History and Origins of Tea