Lavoratti BonBon Books – The Christmas Lunch – 8 flavours ( 32 pcs)


Lavoratti Chocolates are fine artisan concept Chocolates made in Italy. 
Lavoratti BonBon Books – The Christmas Lunch – 8 flavours ( 32 pcs)
The Lavoratti Box holds 32 bon bons that will
become our classics. Together, they complete
each other and will enable you to appreciate our full selection. Targeted to chocolate lovers, the Box is an ideal present that can be
reused to collect new “volumes” being issued.
Box of 320g bars (32 pc)
Chocolate-covered bonbons filled with:
Walnut and sarawak Pepper,
Parmigiano Reggiano,
Blood Orange and Cinnamon,
Chestnut and Rhum ,
Christmas Tea.
Weight 660g
Our chocolate is one of the best in the
world. We selected cocoa from the Hacienda
San José in Ecuador, whose legacy started in
Los Ríos in the 30’s. It has received endless
The Ingredients – Nature is the Primary form of Art
Quality in the ingredients is crucial for reaching
excellence in output. Corrado Assenza is not
only one of the most credible and renowned
figures in the world of pastry, but he is also a
poet, an intellectual who uses ingredients like a
writer uses words.  Our labels are short. Few ingredients mean

wholesomeness and authenticity. It is what
makes us proudest. We work by reduction to
reach the essence of flavour, and we don’t use
food colourings. Packages are fully recyclable
and without plastics.

An editorial line – A factory of ideas
Lavoratti’s entire production is conceived
as an “editorial line”, where every product is
a Chapter in its story.
The packaging of our bars brings to mind
a book cover, and we even created a box to
hold the first eight products.
A taste of History
The “Ditta Lavoratti” company was established
in Varazze, on the western coast of Liguria
in Italy, in 1938. Filled doughnuts were carried
around beaches and sold to beachgoers
from a shoulder-strapped wooden box. A
few years later, Aliberto Lavoratti opened
a shop in the historical centre of town,
and the chocolate adventure started
Lavoratti 1938
Mediterranean Chocolate

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Weight 660 g
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  • Weight 660 g