The French capital’s artisanal jammakers transformed the season’s
harvest, such as strawberries from Bastille and pears from Châtelet, into
pure fruit delicacies. Discover sensational jams and savoury jams like no other!


Confiture Parisienne did it again! What a sweet combination with ripe strawberries and rhubarb.


Tasting tips

Sweet: On toast, pancake, scone or cottage cheese.



The story behind the recipe

This year, Confiture Parisienne is celebrating! The only confectionery in Paris associated with the Moulin Rouge, emblem of Parisian nights since 1889.

And such a collaboration, is worth celebrating! In this jar: a wonderful rosé champagne, a delicious Nemours poppy syrup and finally, beautiful Gariguette strawberries that remind us what makes Paris THE party paradise.

Fraise Cancan is the new colourful surprise that will keep you entertained until the wee hours.

Oh la la!

Tasting tips

Sweet: On a toasted brioche

Savoury:  To accompany your cheese platters or to enhance your cocktails.


It’s the sun which has an appointment at your breakfast table thanks to this preparation of apricot fruits straight from producer Thibaut in Carpentras associated with French lavender (of course!) and freshly hand-peeled apricots.


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Created from a blend of teas from China and Sri Lanka, this recipe with subtle citrus flavours is naturally scented with a precious bergamot oil. A very English classic to be enjoyed for breakfast on hot scones or smoked salmon.


Tasting tips

Sweet: on scones, muffins, toast or brioche.
Savoury: with smoked salmon or foie gras

The jam that is eaten with Leon under the neon lights of Pigalle. Lovers of weak sensations, go on your way. Here, we’re all adults. Carrot jam?! Yes, but not only that. Jeannot Lapin’s favourite fruit – ask around the neighbourhood, everyone knows it – goes hand in hand with the sweet passion fruit. And now, vanilla adds a touch of titillation to the whole. A jam to be savoured in a small hotel room, paid by the hour it goes without saying.

Sweet: On toast, pancake, scone, or cottage cheese.

Savoury: with foie gras, on an old cheese such as comté or gouda.


This summer, Confiture Parisienne is going green. For it’s new recipe, we’re heading to the garden. We start our picking with a hint of rose geranium, a few raspberries, and a few strawberries and… hop! Here we are with a new delight in our hands.

Combined with the acidity of the raspberry and the sweetness of the strawberry, the very floral scent of rose geranium brings a little je ne sais quoi to this homemade jam.

In just one spoonful, the flavour reminds us of walks in the gardens, the sun on the veranda… A real treat!

Tasting tips

Sweet: On toast, pancake, scone, or cottage cheese.

At this time when Cupid is preparing to shoot his arrows, Confiture Parisienne unveils its new creation: “Lady Marmelade” jam. Yes, you heard correctly, it’s the jam that aims to be as elegant as it is daring, as delicate as it is sparkling: the kind of delicacy that can make your head spin!

“Lady Marmelade” is a gourmet diva, born from love at first sight between the exoticism of passion fruit and the seduction of hibiscus: an explosion of flavor that will dazzle your loved one.

Prepared with love in our jam factory, it is the perfect ally for your breakfasts for two, your friendly snacks or your romantic dinners.

Make this Valentine’s Day an exquisite moment with “Lady Marmalade”, a crazy statement to make your other half fall for it.

Tasting tips

Sweet: On a toast, a pancake, a cake, or in a cottage cheese, in a chocolate mousse.
Salty: in a vinaigrette, in a winter salad, in a scallop carpaccio


Here is Confiture Parisienne’s most subtle jam. Imagine: a delicate flavour of pear mixed with the texture of chestnut and a touch of Tonka bean. It’s like rain on a roof top or autumn wind in your hair as you walk around the Château de Versailles beside the phantom of Marie-Antoinette. Some have lost their heads over this.

Tasting tips

Sweet: Spoon directly! On toast, pancake, in a soft or muffin, or cottage cheese. Savoury: With a goat’s cheese.

It takes a real nose (and a palate!) to detect the bewitching flavor of this new recipe. A blackcurrant jam with that very French je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it a classic in our breakfast.

Leaving in its wake a fragrance of intoxicating elegance, jasmine accompanies this intensely acidic berry.

A Haute Couture recipe, even richer in fruit thanks to gentler cooking process in the pots, and Black Down blackcurrant pieces as generous as ever to simply indulge yourself!

Tasting tips

Sweet : On a brioche toast, just like in our childhood memories.

While waiting for the arrival of sunny days, Confiture Parisienne presents its new essential recipe: Strawberry Cherry Blossom jam.
A revisited classic to enhance your breakfasts. A tasty recipe combining delicious strawberries carefully harvested in peak season in the Dordogne and a cherry blossom syrup to bring a floral note, honey, almond and a slight touch of acidity.

An ideal jam on toast, on a rusk or in Japanese mochi.


Tasting tips

Sugar: On a pancake, scone, or cottage cheese.

Confiture Parisienne innovates and celebrates. It innovates with the first jam made with Nuits-Saint-Georges burgundy wine. And not just any wine: this one from the Château de Prémeaux estate. Purple color, cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant, leather and truffle flavors. Nuits! What a beautiful name to celebrate the galant festivities awaiting us under the skies of Paris. Yes, Nuits-Saint-Georges jelly is a fine evening jam: it’s a perfect accompaniment to the cheeses of friends and the brioche of aristos.

Tasting tips

Sweet : On a slice of bread, a pancake, a scone, or cottage cheese.
Salty : with foie gras, and long-ripened cheeses (old Comté for example)

It’s almost spring ! To celebrate the arrival of sunny days, Confiture Parisienne offers you a new, unique but still delicious duo: Orange Vanilla. First, beautiful sweet and slightly tangy oranges to awaken your taste buds, then vanilla to soften and bring a soft and sweet touch.

Tasting tips

Sugar : on a slice of brioche country bread, in your next cake, in an orange vanilla panna cotta


The days are getting milder, the leaves are turning auburn, and your swimsuits are gradually transforming into long sleeves… You will have understood, autumn is just around the corner.

But to accompany you during the mildness of autumn, Confiture Parisienne has joined forces with Fettercairn, a Scottish single malt, to concoct a unique jam that will awaken your taste buds. No, you are not dreaming, it is indeed a whiskey jam.

But not just any whisky, an exceptional single malt scotch. Fettercairn 12-year-old whisky, crafted with finesse in the foothills of the Cairngorms in Scotland, releases notes of nectarine and ginger and harmonizes perfectly with the blood orange present in the jam.

Discover an alliance between the punch of citrus fruits and ginger and the elegance of Fettercairn 12 years old which will enhance your rusks and cheeses just as much.

A jam full of vitality ideal for decorating your festive tables and surprising your friends.

Tasting Tips:

Cocktail: Old Fashioned/Orange Whiskey
Savory: On a snacked scallop (Ardèche style)/as an accompaniment to game
Sweet: Inserted into a chestnut log


What is the best way to introduce or discover Confiture Parisienne ? With this box composed of two “Best Seller” recipes in their 100g pots.

Find the creation Chestnut Pear with chestnuts which are delicately floured and pears that refresh with flavour. Tonka bean adds the perfect finishing touch.

And, the exotic Carrot Passion recipe: carrots combined with sweet passion fruit and vanilla to turn your senses upside down as soon as you eat breakfast.




Peach-Verbena is the refreshing and comforting jam of the summer.

Pieces of melting peaches from Carpentras combined with the freshness of verbena to spread on crispy bread with a good fruity tea. Nothing better to start a sweet sunny day.


Tasting tips

Sweet: On toast, pancake, scone, or cottage cheese.

Tasting tips

Sweet: On toast, pancake, scone, or cottage cheese.



Confiture Parisienne presents ‘Mi FeGH Mi Raisin’  – an autumnal jammy condiment, reminiscent of fruita mostarda delicately flavoured with purple figs, opulent and seedless black grapes, a note of Italian mostarda syrup just to gently titillate the palate, a gourmet caress bursts out in a gust that descends to the feet…

Tasting tips

Sweet: With Greek yogurt or on a brioche
Savoury: On a slice of bread with cheese, foie gras; or in cooking to deglaze a poultry juice, with quail, duck breast, in a tagine or to spice up your pot au feu.

Feel the warmth of the palm grove with our harissa. With red peppers, coriander and even raspberries, the result is a colourful, fragrant and very tasty texture.


Tasting tips

SALTY: with some kinds of couscous, or with bread, like a jam.

Amazingly tasty miniature collection of Chutneys and Jams by With Love frm our Kichen – perfect for gourmet gifting!

Tasting tips

Sweet: On toast, pancake, scone or cottage cheese or a victoria sponge cake
Savory: Serve with cheeses, crackers, wine & apetizers.

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