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Eco Life

There’s something else we’re passionate about!

When creating Tettiera and our packaging design, it was always paramount that we develop something which limits the environmental impact after the tea is consumed. Being lovers of our surroundings and nature in general, we wanted to create something easily recyclable.

Enter kraft paper. A natural, unbleached, totally biodegradable material made from virgin fibres of maritime pine. This miracle material decomposes naturally within a few weeks just like leaves under a tree. We’ve all heard of the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra. Recycling might not solve our world problems but taking materials and giving them a second life, should be nothing but our sacred duty.

Although kraft paper is totally biodegradable, this is not an excuse to just dispose of it. We are firm believers that whenever possible, packaging should be reused or even upcycled!

Challenge yourself and try your own upcycling ideas.

Let your creative juices flow and try to come up with ideas to reuse the Tettiera packing & Share the result to one of our social platforms.

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Here we’ve come up with some ideas, which we use in our homes.

  • A soulful container for your make-up brushes. Is that convenient or what? ·
  • That’s a pleasant reminder of Tettiera in your kitchen!
  • No time to set the table? How about a cutlery tub courtesy of Tettiera?
  • Simply reuse a glass jar to hold some water and flowers and dip it into Tettiera! Your windowsill never looked so delightful!