Ceylon Chocolate Charm

Ceylon tea infused with dark chocolate chips creating the ultimate delicious decadence. Need we say more?

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Our Ceylon Chocolate Charm tea has a dense and soft chocolate flavour. Clean, slightly tangy finish brings you back to tea, and the balanced astringency compliments the dark chocolate nicely.

The story of chocolate begins with Columbus’ discovery of America. Cocoa beans were among the curiosities he brought back from his voyage. However, it wasn’t until the conquest of Mexico that the Spaniards learned of ‘chocolatl’, a drink made from cocoa beans that the Aztecs served Cortez and his troops. The Spaniards found the drink bitter. Luckily, the New World was also a source of cane sugar. Combining the two, and bringing the recipe to Spain, proved a booming business. The Spanish managed to keep it a secret for nearly a hundred years.

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Weight 110 g
Caffeine Level :


Steeping & Brewing :

1 tsp, 3 mins at 100°C

Steeps :

40 cups ( Zipper Pouch 64 cups)

Ingredients :

Blended with black tea, natural chocolate flavour, dark chocolate chips and cocoa nibs.

Pack Format :

Tube, Zipper Pouch

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